Belgrade Avenue United Methodist Church
North Mankato, MN

Every Member a Minister:
Loving, Investing, Venturing, Embracing (L.I.V.E.)

IT IS OUR PURPOSE to proclaim the gospel, to invite all peoples into the church, to nurture them in the Christian faith & life, and to send them forth as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, making our community and world more caring, more loving, and more just, all for the GLORY OF GOD.

We are a community of people growing together in faith. As people of God seeking God's will for our lives, we come together to grow in God's love and spirit.

As a United Methodist congregation, we welcome everyone with Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors. BAUMC currently has 356 full members.  Our church is wheelchair accessible, and we have a "quiet room" available at the back of our Sanctuary for parents with restless children.

Our Church Council adopted the BAUMC mission statement, Every Member a Minister: Proclaiming, Inviting, Nurturing, Sending, in 1990, believing in the vision of shared ministry.  The heart of ministry is relations between God and people, people and people, and church people and those in the community and world. Ministry takes place through the church as our human needs encounter God's desire to meet those needs through love.  This church has discovered the miracle of ministry, and as a result the relationships involved are highly valued. The people of this church fully expect to encounter God, one another, and the world as we engage in ministry together. The result is truly life-giving!


Our Congregation

Our Purpose

In Christ we L.I.V.E.

Acts 17:28

​Living, Investing, Venturing, Embracing